Puddle Carwash

  • Sunday - February 25
  • 10:23 a.m. MST 33.6° F
  • It's always sunny at the Puddle

Puddle is open on sundays

Tips & Hints


  • Never brush snow off completely as snow brush causes scratches on the finish.
  • Never use broom, snow scraper or anything that will scratch the finish.
  • Keep window washer fluid full.
  • Check antifreeze level.
  • Always make sure ski racks are closed and secure.
  • Keep tire pressure at required pressures as a low tire pressure will wear tires faster and impact fuel consumption.
  • Spray door locks with silicone to keep locks from freezing.
  • A light coat of wax protects the vehicle finish.
  • Wash your car at least twice per month to remove winter road grime and magnesium chloride.


  • Keep your vehicle finish clear of tree sap, bird droppings, bugs and tar as they can ruin your paint.
  • Clean rims frequently to keep brake dust from building up, as brake dust will damage the rim.
  • Wax your car to protect it from the sun and other elements... especially at this altitude.