Puddle Carwash

  • Sunday - February 25
  • 10:22 a.m. MST 33.6° F
  • It's always sunny at the Puddle

Puddle is open on sundays


3100 28th Street, Boulder, CO
(303) 447-9274

Our story is pretty simple.  We've been around since 1973 and family owned.  We are made up of a dedicated team and staff that works hard to clean your dirty cars!

Our services provide the full spectrum of cleaning.  Everything from a basic car wash to a complete detail.  Our well trained Host will direct you to the package that best suits your desired level of cleaning, time constraints and budget.  The choice is yours.

The Puddle uses state of the art equipment designed for safety first.  Ski and bike racks, rocket boxes and antennas are all welcome.  Every aspect of our operation is designed for vehicle protection and customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to wash your car in 12 minutes or less.

We have successfully served over 4 million customers in 44 years of operation in Boulder, Colorado.